Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Love My Church

Without these people,
these surroundings,
these worship sessions,
and most importantly this GOD. I would not be who I am today.
And for those reasons alone, I love my church.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liese Hair Dye Review. (:

So yess, many should already know. I recently dyed my hair.
The product I used was liese 'chiffon beige'.
To be honest, I was extremely nervous, when I dyed it. So worried it would be ugly.
But to my surprise it came out very well. :D
I'll be posting in this post the process of how I did it for those like me who had no idea.
I was worried that when I used this product I would have an allergic reaction or something.
They have a skin test, that you can do, but I skipped it. Out of my impatience.
Haha. But thank God, I didn't like have an reaction. :D

ANYWAYS, Here goes..


When you first open the box, you are given these items.
WITH IMPORTANT instructions of how to mix it together.
*If you don't mix it properly, it will come out very watery, and you'll pretty much waste your rm35:P*

After mixing the 2 bottles together, slowly tilt the bottle at a 180degree angle, and you will see the foam become like this.

Hold the bottle upright, and squeeze gently to release the foam. :D
And it gets all nice and bubbly.

OKAY, here's the deal. IT STINKS. Like beer. Literally, I thought I would suffer. I am so happy I had a blocked nose. Hahaha. I probably would suffer because of the smell. Anyway, after spreading the foam throughout my hair, I left it on for 35minutes. With the idea, that I wanted it to stay longer. :D Also, when dyeing your hair with this product, have LOTS of tissue, to wipe off any of the foam that gets on your forehead, or ears. Also, the foam actually is ALOT, so if you have shoulder length hair, you can actually share it with somebody. My hair is longer than shoulder length and I had about 1/4 extra which I just dumped on the top, which has caused it to be brighter than the rest. But yes, there is LOT inside. (:

OKAY, so after sitting in total boredom for 35minutes, with a horrific smell. I went to shower.
I got out of the shower, and went straight to the mirror, to see my roots literally BLONDE.
Scary. Then, I towel dry-ed my hair, and took a look. I won't be posting any photos of my face, because of the ugliness. Hahahaha. But I'll post a before and after picture. :D

My hair was literally midnight black.

So yes, the color works. It's VERY visible.

It's been about two weeks, and the only negative comment I have on it is that,
the color has faded, but not completely, just maybe 1 shade darker.
AND THE SMELL. I could not sleep. |:
But it goes away after about 4 days. :D

So, I would definitely give this product a thumbs up! Try it out. :D

February February February

MY HAIR COLOR, is pissing me off. ):

It's no longer blonde, its like chestnut brown.
Although I love the color, I wish it was brighter.


Oh well, next time, purple! :DDD

Ohmygawsh, I thought it was Monday.

I am extra tired today. ):
I have a feeling something is coming! Something not-so-good.
But oh well, I'll take whatever I can get.

Have a wonderful and memorable one all. (:
I want to let you know, I love you. (:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I miss them. ):

I miss Ashley. ):

I miss my girlies. ):

Wednesday, I don't like you.

I love this girlie. (:

I have dreams. Dreams which seem so surreal.
And although they seem so far away, I could swear that they've never felt closer than they do today.
I'm excited for the future. A new setting, a new closeness, a new relationship.
I could not be happier. (:

Gym time. (:

So yes.
Yesterday night, I went to the gym with my mum, and well even though it wasn't for very long. It feel UBER good to release some stress. After going to the gym we headed over to the little cafe next door, and had a bite to eat. *the food was horrible* Well, the whole purpose of this night, was to actually go check out that new rollerblading disco thingy everybody has be raving over. Mum and I drove over to Subang Avenue, and being the ditsy people we are, went in circles looking for the parking lot, staring at signs like idiots. We found the entrance in the end though. (;
So, we got to Subang Avenue, which is literally some ghost town. SO QUIET. We like walked super fast to the lifts, and went straight to the rollerblading place to inquire. ANDDD, guess what? THEY WERE CLOSED. I was like haiiissshhh. At least they like put up info of the place and stuff. So I got the number, got the info, and we left right after!

Then, we went to Subang Parade, walked around. Looked for shoes. ((:
In the end, I didn't get shoes, considering the fact, that I recently bought a pair. But mummy did! ((:
We walked and walked until we were tired. Mum got a sundae from Mcdo's, then we were off!

Lied on the couch, watched Precious, got sad, fell asleep.

Hello lovelies!

I have totally revamped my blog. (:
Didn't like all the depressing and unconventionally unimportant posts.
Soooo, I'm starting new! My blog is officially not all sad. Hahaha.